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Benefits of Mango and Soursop Fruits

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Benefits of Mango and Soursop Fruits for health

By Yanti

benefits-of-soursop-fruitAlready known to many people that a lot of health benefits that can get if we eat  fruits on a regular basis because there are a lot of nutrition in fruits that provide beneficial for human body, and below are some of the benefits of mango and soursop  fruits  for body health

Benefits of mango
There are many benefits of mango for health, and some benefits are
– The content of carotenoids called beta crytoxanthin is trusted compounds that help to treat cancer.
–  The content of vitamin C and E is useful as an antioxidant of the body, while the fiber content of mango fruit in useful to help the body’s digestive system to work properly, and also keep your cholesterol in the body remain normal
– Mango and chemical properties of certain pharmacological effects, which is astringent, increase appetite, refreshing, mild laxative, laxative sputum.
–  The content of Gallic acid in mango is good for the digestive tract. While the content of riboflavin very good for the eyes, mouth, and throat.
–  Mango also have benefits to help cure diseases such as strep throat, shortness of breath, influenza, skin inflammation, asthma, bleeding gums, impaired vision, shortness of breath, inflammation of the airways. Mango also addresses menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, worms, etc.

Benefits of soursop fruit
There are several benefits of soursop fruit including the benefits of the fruit soursop leaves in human life which include

– For pain medication ambient
You do this by taking the fruit is ripe soursop fruit then squeezed to take as much as 1 cup of water and then drink 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon

– To treat pain in the bladder urine
The trick to cooking a mixture of half-ripe soursop fruit with salt and sugar to taste, and then mix the cooked is eaten every day for 1 week

– Treating back pain
You do this by boiling the leaves of the soursop 20 sheets into 5 cups water to boil down to 3 cups, and soursop leaves boiled water to drink every day with the soursop drink as much water 3/4 cup.

– Treat ulcers
Taking leaves of the young soursop then placed on an exposed spot ulcers

– Treating infant diarrhea
You do this by filtering the juice of soursop fruit is ripe, and then the juice of soursop fruit is given to the baby’s diarrhea by as much as 2 to 3 tablespoons

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