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Need Water Everyday

Posted on: January 13, 2010

Why People Need Water Everyday for Their Body

By Yuli

Need Water

Need Water

Water is needed by the human body without water people can not live, and the human body have more than 75% made of water, and all systems in the body needs water for example, water will carry nutrients to cells and produce moisture for nasal tissue, ear, and throat. Water will flush toxins from vital organs, and so on.

People need drinking water every day, and if the human body is lack of water can cause dehydration in the body where it is a state of dehydration that can result from lack of water, so the body can not perform normal body functions normally. So that people could fall ill and can even cause death if not constantly drinking water.

In addition to water there other types of beverages that can meet human needs for water such as milk, juice fruits and vegetables, sodas, and other types of drinks, but plain water is the best water for human body to consume and can help people to become healthy

In general, people will drink water if they have been thirsty, but the human body has a lack of water when feeling thirsty, and the lack of continuous water can cause illness coming on the body, because it’s better if you drink the water without waiting for your feel thirsty first.

Water per day out of the human body in various ways such as sweat, respiration or with urination, and the average daily spend of adults is 1.5 liters of urine, and people are advised to drink water minimum 2 liters or 8 glasses per day for replace lost fluids and body for another.

The amount of water needed also depends on the human body with a lot of things like the level of activities conducted, body condition, health and weather. And if you exercise sports such as gymnastics, tennis, jogging and so on, then you need more water because your body is sweating more and therefore the body needs more water to replace sweat is coming out it, how much fluid additional required depending on how much you sweat during exercise, the more sweat that out, the more water is drunk.

Given the important functions of water for the human body, so get used to always carry water anywhere you go so the body does not lack water and can function normally and maintain healthy body.


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